B6.7 for Medium-Duty Truck (2017)
B6.7 for Medium-Duty Truck (2017)

The Cummins B6.7 for 2017 is more efficient, with up to 7 percent better fuel economy over the EPA 2013 ISB6.7, with the highest gains in key duty cycles running at lower speeds and in inner-city operations. One contributing factor to the fuel economy improvement is the fully integrated Single Module™ aftertreatment system, which incorporates a flowthrough design and optimized heat management.

There are two distinctly different B6.7 versions from which to choose. Customers looking to maximize fuel economy with the lowest possible cost of operation should select one of our efficiency ratings from 200 hp to 260 hp (149-194 kW). B6.7 engines in this ratings family have a unique combustion formula that, together with improved airflow through the aftertreatment and modifications to the VGT® Turbo, add up to an additional 7 percent fuel economy improvement over the EPA 2013 ISB6.7.

Customers who need additional power and torque should opt for B6.7 performance ratings from 280 hp to 325 hp (209-242 kW). Peak torque ranges from 660 lb-ft to 750 lb-ft (895-1017 N•m).

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