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Cummins engines power nearly every type of vehicle and equipment on earth, from fire trucks and 18-wheelers to berry pickers and 360-ton mining haul trucks.

Every Cummins engine is backed by Cummins Genuine Parts and service, providing total customer support from more than 7,200 worldwide locations every hour and every minute of every day.

X15 (2017)

X15 (2017)

The base X15 combines the best of everything a customer needs: performance, efficiency, and uptime, so you can truly ‘have it all’.  Beyond the base engine, the X15 is being offered in two distinct ratings groups – one for customers who need even stronger pulling power with the ‘Performance Series’, and one that gives you maximum fuel economy and lowest total operating cost with the ‘Efficiency Series’. Regardless of which engine is optimized to meet your needs, you can rest assured each engine will keep running down the road, proven in over 9 million real world test miles by launch.Performance Series. 485-605 HP.
For customers who need maximum pulling power and performance, the X15 Performance Series will be offered with ratings from 485 hp to 605 hp (362-451 kW). These performance-focused engine ratings are being optimized to provide customers with prolonged peak torque, for a broader power band. This provides an ample RPM operating range to climb mountains or haul heavy loads with ease and less gear-shifting.

Efficiency Series. 400-500 HP.
The X15 Efficiency Series is optimized to deliver peak torque at lower rpms and enable further downspeeding without compromising driveability. Optional ADEPT™ technology previews upcoming terrain and adjusts engine and transmission performance to minimize downshifts and maximize fuel economy.

ISX15 for Heavy-Duty Truck (2013)

ISX15 for Heavy-Duty Truck (2013)

Cummins ISX15 is North America’s most popular heavy-duty engine, and the only engine offered as an option by every major Class 8 truck manufacturer. The ISX15 boasts ratings from 400-600 horsepower with up to 2050 pound-feet peak torque. This legendary engine is a favorite among drivers and fleet operators alike.

The ISX15 is the industry leader in fuel economy. In 2013, we refined our proven technology, including more efficient fuel and water pumps to provide additional usable horsepower. Together with optimized combustion and fewer active regenerations of the aftertreatment system, today’s ISX15 delivers up to 2% better fuel economy.

Each element of the ISX15 is manufactured to maximize fuel economy, performance and durability, while delivering the lowest operating costs of any engine in its class. Integration and optimization of every system from air handling to exhaust aftertreatment results in the most reliable engine on the road.

ISX15 ratings range from 400-600 hp (298-447 kW) with up to 2050 lb-ft (2779 n•M) of peak torque. These include SmartTorque ratings that add 200 lb-ft of extra torque in the top two gears so Class 8 trucks can make it up steep grades with fewer downshifts. Vocational ratings have additional torque in the lower gear ranges. Operators can tailor ISX15 operation for any on-highway application using Cummins PowerSpec.


ISX15 for Heavy-Duty Truck (EPA 2010)

ISX15 for Heavy-Duty Truck (EPA 2010)

Expect superior driving performance and industry-leading fuel economy with Cummins ISX15 EPA 2010 engine.  Every element has been designed and manufactured to optimize performance, reliability and durability while delivering the lowest operating costs of any engine in its class.  Ratings range from 400-600 hp with a maximum 2050 lb-ft of peak torque.

How did we make these improvements and still meet stringent 2010 emissions standards?  With a totally integrated system, that’s how.  Everything from the advanced fuel injection technology, improved cooled EGR subsystem and Cummins VGT™ Turbocharger to the proven Cummins Aftertreatment System that includes Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology has been engineered and manufactured in-house.  The result is a totally integrated system delivering an engine that provides near-zero emissions without compromising performance.

And that’s just a few of the features the ISX15 has to offer.  It is designed for superior fuel economy, performance and dependability while keeping maintenance at a minimum.

All backed by the best customer support in the business.

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